An Idiot's Guide to Using "lol" and Other "Laugh Out Loud" Variations

Example Example Use Target Audience
lol Let's get married lol Anyone
LOL Let's get married LOL Anyone over 50
{SENTENCE} + lol Are you really going to wear that dress to my wedding lol Anyone you're casually insulting
lollll Sanctuary cities are just havens for MS-13 members lollll White men on SeekingArrangement
lool lool that is so funny Your boss, when they say something even slightly resembling a joke on the days leading up to your performance review
lol okay lol okay. That's pretty funny. Anyway, can we talk about that raise? Your boss, when they attempt to make a joke after refusing to give you a raise, even though you've been with the company for five years and they only started last June and have already been promoted twice for work you submitted on their behalf
lawl Anita Hill was totally treated fairly and impartially lawl The Senate Judiciary Committee
lolol due process lolol Anyone who uses #BlueLivesMatter without clear irony
lolz School sux lolz but at least my local police department is holding an annual discounted bake sale tomorrow. I heard you can also buy electronics at cheap prices so spread the word! Sexual predators you're attempting to entrap while on-duty as a police officer
Lola Parents be damned, I'm in love with you Lola. And I don't care who knows. They're all fools! Barely alive, sipping their bullshit coffee. Foreign eyes, brimming with daggers; withered hearts, replete with hate. So run away with me, Lola! Far away! Farther than anyone has ever run before, to the edge of the world. And let them come for us. Because I'll be there... waiting to push them off the edge. Just as you'll be there, waiting to fall into my arms once we're free of this madness. A beautiful woman named Lola